Stof tot grondstof


Client: Sympany
Agency: Heldergroen
Deliverables: Brand design, illustration


Did you know that on average a piece of clothing is worn only seven times? Every year about 145 million kilos of textile end up on the rubbish heap... Textile collector Sympany wants to get rid of this discard thinking and move towards a circular textile chain. The company rolled up its sleeves and got to work, raising awareness, changing behaviour and, above all, innovating. It all comes together in the new brand that Heldergroen and I were asked to create for Sympany.


A red thread in many colours
As a pioneer on the road to circularity, you are not only an innovator but
also a connector. Sympany brings all kinds of parties together 
to the
textile industry from head to tail. Just like in as in a piece of clothing,
we chose a thread as the connecting style element. 
The colours come
from the fashion collections of a few years ago 
The colours are from
the fashion collections of a few years ago, just like the clothes that
end up in the Sympany bins!


Jordi van Baaren 2022  Brand design & Art direction

Jordi van Baaren 2022                             Brand design & Art direction