100% natural water now in
an entirely recycled bottle

100% natural water now in
an entirely recycled bottle

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Client: Bar-Le-Duc
Agency: Matters Most
Deliverables: Brand design, illustration, digital design, art direction


With the brand promise "Go natural!" Bar-le-Duc wants to encourage the Netherlands to drink, to drink water, but you probably already understood that. Our body demands it: 2 litres of water a day. And every drop counts. From that stage i created together with team Matters Most a new identity, packaging and campaign. 


The icon in a new outfit

I have made the logo a lot more modern. It is simpler, fresher and more proud.
At the same time, the logo retains the recognition and iconic value of the old logo.


The first sustainable bottle
In our view, the chosen positioning also forces a new bottle. If you preach natural
and sustainable, then the bottle must be too. And so it happened. Together
Bar-le-Duc we designed the first 100% sustainable bottle. All that's left is the cap.
We are working hard on it!

A corporate identity without frills
I developed a layered style system, which is made up of 'bars'. Water, the blue 'bar', always forms the basis, just like in all Bar-le-Duc products. In addition,
i gave the flavours and product variations individuality. With colours, symbols
and illustrations. Simple, fresh and always unadorned. Naturally.

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Jordi van Baaren 2023
Brand design & Art direction
Amsterdam, The Netherlands



JORDI VAN BAAREN 2022     Brand design & Art direction